Sunday, June 28, 2015

Row by Row SC Day 7

     I was hoping to be almost done with my quilt by today.  But my husband wanted differently and one of today's rows did too!!  I can say though that I have all 8 rows done!

     Today I finished the row for Five Eighths Seams in West Ashley, SC.  To be honest I think this is a neat little row.  It made me try a curved seam.  Something I don't think I have ever done before and after 36 squares, I think I may have it down.  There were 72 pieces in this row; a row that only daring or desperate people would do in a hurry.  I guess I was both.  I do like how it turned out, hoooouuuurs later. 

     The other row I finished today was from Stitch n' Sew in Mt Pleasant.  In thier kit they had all the squares precut to where you just had to cut them into triangles.  It made it soooo easy.  I also liked how the row was a mix of traditional and Appliqué.  I turned the lighthouse a different direction then the layout so that the row can be turned sideways.  This row is another accurate depiction of the Charleston area with both the lighthouse and sea turtle as important local water fixtures. 

     I am working tomorrow and have to take a trip to another hospital.  Hopefully I can find time to just get the top together and then finish it Tuesday.

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