Saturday, June 20, 2015

4th Annual Tara Hall Paddlefest

     Last year I went out to the 3rd Annual Tara Hall Paddlefest.  Waylon and I really enjoyed it!! So of course I was going to go again this year!  

     This year we rolled up to registration to find it in a new location.  At the intersection of a road.  After registering we were sent to a launch site a few miles up the highway. The lauch site was in a families yard.  I believe "The Johnson's",  I am very thankful for them hosting us!   The site was very adequate to launch and park.  

    In the river we went!!! About a 1/2 mile up the river we met another Johnson family who was giving out water and watermelon slices.  They were the sweetest people!!  And I sure did enjoy the Watermelon along with my other kayak mates!!

     I forgot to tell you I went with my friend Teri, her daughter McKenzie and her sister in law Bitzie. Some of my favorite people from Kingstree, SC!

     We paddled on down Mingo Creek,  in the Andrews, SC area.

     I love how this area of river is so Private like and just seems to look untouched.  I love how it seams to always be about litter free!

     I love the marvelous trees and the peace of nature along the way. 

     We paddled past these 2 houses that were in a ninety degree curve in the creek.  They looked to be the almost perfect place to live!

     We continued on down the creek for a total of 5 miles.  You know your almost there once you hear the wonderful Bluegrass playing!  The trip this year was self guided and at your own pace.  

     Last year the trip was as a group and in a busier area of the river.  Boats sped by you and you had to be more conscious of the nearby civilization and not enjoy nature as much.   I really did enjoy doing another section of the creek as we have been traveling all the sections of the black river.

     When you arrive at Tara Hall,  you are helped out of your kayak.  The group of men carried my kayak up the the trailer that then carried the kayak back to the vehicle pick up site.  Sooo much better then last year!

     Then you were provided a home cooked meal!  And it was sooooo good!  After a few minutes in the shade it was off to see Teri win a cordless drill from Home Depot. 

     We ended our day watching the kids. 8-12 compete in the barrel racing contest.  They were too cute!! And I love the little boats and all their themes! 

     I loved this event sooo much more then last year.  I wish My boys could have been there, maybe next year!   If your reading this debating on going next year. The $30 to support the boys home is well worth it! 

Sorry for some of the hazy photos,  but the waterproof case doesn't always take the best photos. 

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