Monday, June 22, 2015

Row by Row 2015, Day One

     Row by Row 2015, Day One!  Today I started out later then I had planned.  But,  I succeeded with my first day traveling South Carolina. 

     My first stop today was about an hour and 45 minute ride.  I decided to take the back roads and go to the furthest shop first.  I went to Conway, SC to a little quilt shop called Sew Many Common Threads.   It was a pretty small shop with a cute collection of fabric.  The owner told me she was just starting her batik collection.  So I didn't have much to choose from, but she did have a cute row.   Her row was of Whales.  Each a different color to match the nautical flags.  Neat idea I thought!!  Out of today's stops,  this row will be the easiest.   I have already cut out all the whales.  Only bad thing was when I got home I realized she didn't put the batik fabric I bought in the bag.

     Next stop was about 15 minutes up the road.  A pretty good sized store called Quilting at The Beach.  Very friendly ladies!!  I enjoyed laughing at the sewing group in the back.  A Longarmer was working on a cute runner back there also.  Wonderful fabric selection,  even found a piece of Jason Yenter Deco in the clearance pile.  And a bit more!   The row for this shop is appliqué hell (Not my cup of tea).  Lots and lots of little piece, 45 to be exact.  I did not like my appliqué stitching but it's a learning curve.  It's successfully done and on to the next row!

     Last stop today was another 20 minutes down the road in Murrells Inlet.  A hidden store called Accent Sewing.  This store had lots of notions, another long arm and a little fabric.   I found a few batiks in the clearance pile!! They had another appliqué row.  I was able to trace the pieces out.  More on the row tomorrow.  

   Then homeward I was to start sewing!  Will tell you about day two later!

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