Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Row by Row SC Day 2

     Today is my second day driving in SC to quilt stores.  The day started with a trip to get my dad, because he was joining in.  But not all the way!! He was going to sit with a cousin while I went shopping!!

     First stop was to bring him to see his cousin Russell Wallace who he had not seen in forever!

     Then on to Sumter.  I stopped at Treadle Pushers Pushing.  Oh I love this shop and want to just go sit and sew one day!  The shop did not have much fabric, but it had lots of notions.  She even had a few batiks and of course I added a few to my collection!!  She called the places a ladies quilt Bar!! Yes a bar with no alcohol orstools(none that I saw).  And I guess that Sharon the owner was the nonalcoholic bartender, aka fabric cutter! 
I think I want to come back here for a visit soon!!

     She was trying to go above and beyond with her pattern.  She was trying to cut it out with adhesive on the back, but was realizing that she couldn't keep up. Her pattern is a batik ocean scene.  Right up my alley except for all the little pieces. 

     Then on to Camden to a little store called Emmie's.  At first I thought I was in the wrong place until I saw the sale fabric Outside.   Emmie's is not just a fabric store.  It has clothes and novelty items.  The owner Deborah told me that she knew a year and a half ago when she opened that she would need to sell something else to start to stay open til she built the stores clients up!  Smart woman! 

     The entire back of the store is crammed with fabric.  Floor to ceiling. Plus a sewing and cutting area.  Today the store was also crammed with kids.  She is hosting a sewing Camp.  I was sooo excited to see the group of girls.  The next young sewing generation!  And of course I love the batiks!!  She had an entire rack of them.  

     The pattern for Emmie's is a little different then the rest. If you did not buy the pack you are missing the fish fabric needed to make the quilt.  So if you don't having fish fabric at home you are out of luck. 

     Last stop was Shoney's in Manning, Sc!! 

     So that is 5 out of the 8 rows needed to finish the quilt.  I was saving the 3 most local stores for tomorrow.  In the meantime I will sew another row together!!  

     Tonight I finished my second row,  from Sew Many Common Threads in Conway, SC.   This row is very cute and easy.  The fabric pack was very generous with fabric and had a pattern that was simple to follow. 

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