Saturday, June 27, 2015

Row by Row SC Day 6

     Today was not a quilt store day.  It is only a sewing day.   I am starting to feel a little discouraged.  I am seeing all these finished quilts posted and I have yet to get mine together.  With work, family illnesses and moving I just haven't had time.  But my goal was to have it done by Monday, so I still can have time. 

     I was one day behind in sewing my rows, but I have caught up!! I have officially finished 6 rows.  I am hoping to finish 2 more tomorrow! 

     Today I finished stitching down the Appliqué for Treadle Pushers in Sumter, SC.     Their ocean scene was a batik and I love batiks.  It had 27 pieces to it and was easy to complete.  They were very generous with the fabric pack and had wonderful directions.  And to make it better she was trying to precut pieces for customers.  To bad I wasn't one of those lucky souls or I would have already finished.  I loved this store and will definitely return to just sit and sew soon!

     Then on to People, Places and Quilts row.  Now this was the best pattern.   It was made to be taped together and traced and then laid out so you could just follow along.  Printed on extra long paper.   I loved it!  I think I loved the fact that it reflected my area more.  It was in a swampy lake setting, just like the area close to the quilt store!  The owner of the store likes turtles and of course it contained one!  This row contained 24 pieces and a majority were big. The fabric kit was right on with the pieces and everything was there.  I am hoping to be able to bring a finished quilt there Monday!! Hoping to win their fat quarters!! Simple because I love thier store!!

    Praying for more sewing time tomorrow!!

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