Friday, June 26, 2015

Row By Row SC day 5

     Today I was able to stop on the way home at Stitch n' Sew fabrics in Mt Pleasant, SC.  My final stop in my first 8 rows.  

     The store was set just off 526 bypass and is a bright colored building you can't miss(forgot a photo).  It was actually busy for an early morning.  There were 2 other sets of Row by Rowers in the store.   The store contained 3 small rooms of fabric with a decent selection.  The lady who cut my fabric was pretty friendly.  Not sure though if I will go out of my way though to Mt Pleasant just to shop here. 

     I finished 2 rows tonight.  The Row from Accent Sewing in Murrells Inlet is missing one side of the border.   There was not enough in the kit. I will figure something out for it later. 

    The row from Emmie's in Camden is also done.   They were not very generous with fabric in this kit.  Pieces were barely cut big enough to make the sails and the yellow for the birds beak and legs was missing.  Otherwise I thought it was a unique row.  You used a piece of material with a fish design on it to appliqué. This saves you from cutting lots of small pieces. 

     I am one row behind my daily goal, but I am sure I will catch up tomorrow!

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