Friday, May 17, 2013

Fishing Friday

Today I am working on a quilt I should have finished last month. It is for my husbands cousin. I did her entire crib set and was waiting in my new embroidery machine to come in to do the appliqué. It's been here but everything else was not in place. So last night I put it together. And today I was planning on FMQ, but much needed time with my hubby took its place.
One of my other loves is fishing. I love to spend time out on the Lake. I love to catch fish and I just plain love the water!! Last year we got a new boat. Not what I wanted, but exactly what Frankie wanted and that makes me happy. What I don't like is the hot metal:( but I can learn do deal with it! Everyone even the dog have been for a ride on the boat. So it was finally my turn. We went off the landing and before we left a fisherman got him line stuck in our motor. I started to wonder what was going to be next. We untangled it and headed out. We sat in a spot for about 4 hours just the 2 of us. We didn't catch much but we enjoyed the time together. I actually spent a few doing paper piecing. His friend George found us for a few and then we went for a ride. We rode almost to the locks. We just sat and talked. This caused me not to get a nap before work and to be a few minutes late, but every minute was worth it!! Times like this make me be overly thankful for my marriage!!!

Below is my one and only fish for the season. Yes I caught 1 and I think he caught 6. I will catch up next time!!! The other picture is of my boys and the catfish they caught Thursday night.

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