Friday, May 10, 2013

FMQ Friday and Pass Testing

I did not think I would get any sewing time in today. I spent my days off this week volunteering at PASS testing at the school. As my kids have gotten older I have spent less time volunteering at the school. So every year I have set aside the pass testing days to volunteer. Because of work and a class I only made it 2 days this week. My boys go to a pretty good school, but every year I have noticed a decline in respect for teachers and an increase in misbehavior. If I had to go all week my nerves might have been shot. The first day I was in the worst class I have ever been in. But when I left I pawned it off to the fact that my son hated that teacher too. The thing that made me smile was that one girl had a bible to read after testing and another brought a craft! Two of the biggest thing in my life!! The girl who was making these bracelets mom went to school with and had Art class with for 3 years. Tracy Hulett. Have not seen her in years but it was interesting that she passed it on to her daughter. The second day I was in one of my older sons favorite teachers from middle schools class. She is actually my younger sons friends mom and like my husbands 5th cousin. Her kids were mischievous but respectful. One of them made a very rude comment while she was in the bathroom. Mrs. Shaw called her out. She admitted to what she did and apologized. I think she only did this because Mrs. Shaw respected her. A sign that if kids are respected by their teachers then they will be better behaved. This group was goofy but not bad. Just a thought!
The other reason I was not there all week was that I went to a T-shirt quilting class at my favorite quilt store People Places and Quilts in Summerville, SC. I am helping a friend make some quilts for her kids out of her deceased husbands cloths. I really enjoyed it and worked with a new product called French Fuse. I learned how T-shirts stretch away in one direction as you FMQ them and if you don't put the fuse on them it will turn into a bunched up mess. I am really excited about finishing this project. Stay tuned to posts in the future of the finished quilts.
I really enjoy going to classes I learn a lot from from others and just enjoy the time with other quilters. Already looking at the schedule to see the class I am taking next month!!! If any of you ever have a chance go and spend the day at a quilt shop sewing and you will leave feeling so relaxed and accomplished. The only bad thing is I spend soooo much money. But I always leave with so much inspiration!!!
On to my FMQ, I 3 nights this week piecing together table runners. I have FMQ 3 and finished two. I still have 2 to finish piecing. I take all of my larger pieces of scraps from my quilts and put them in ziplock bags. I knew that one day I would do something with them and did not know what till now. I forgot about teacher appreciation week and thought about the table runner I made last week. So I decided to make some for my sons teachers. My goal is to use the table runners to perfect my FMQ and this is my chance to get a lot of practice in a short time. I have the 2 posted below. I also used 2 of my fancy stitches on my machine for the binding. Will show you the rest of my finishes next week. I hope my boys teachers appreciate these as much as I did making them!