Thursday, May 16, 2013

Me Time Thursday

I slept in again this morning. Only till 8. Had to go to my moms and and check on her and then the day begins. I thought we were going finish. An outing I love. The peace and quiet of the lake mixed with the joy of the catch. Well detours happen and we didn't make it. Maybe tomorrow.
So for me time Thursday I went to Joann's fabric for the 1st time ever. I really enjoyed the trip around the store and the time with Belinda and Jennifer. I am glad that I had the opportunity to shop before the average shopper when it really opens tomorrow!!! Saved a lot of money and enjoyed the relaxation.
Then I took Jennifer to Moe's. I am soooo shocked she has never been. I think she is hooked to!
On to the time just for myself. I finished piecing Skatlett's quilt top. Will show you pictures tomorrow. Now it's time to pass out!!!

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