Monday, May 27, 2013

A Light in the Tunnel

I have had sooooooo much to do lately that I have not been able to swim to the top. My tunnel keeps getting longer and longer. Yes, I keep adding stuff on myself, but it's all things that need to be done. My house is a mess and I guess cleaning is a top priority after I try to finish a whirlwind of projects in 2 days. Added to the fact that I work tonight and tomorrow. And then I am worried that I will have to hit the road soon. My sister is due to deliver her twin.
Friday night I finished a quilt top that I hoped I would finish back at the 1st of May, but that's when I started to fall behind. Hopefully I will be able to quilt that in June. Since I finished that quilt by yesterday I was entered into a $25 gift certificate to Fabrics and Quilts!!!! So excited!!!! This top was part of a quilt along at Persimon Dreams Blog. Do not know Kim but she has me hooked on finishing her projects!!! She is actually the cause of one of my stresses:(. I have a quilt project I need done by Thursday and feel I have no time. But I set a goal that I will finish each of her projects this year. My other goal was to make at least a baby quilt out of all her challenges. So cross your fingers and we will see how far we get.
I just finished sewing on the lady strip of fabric on a baby quilt for my soon to be born Nephews. I also finished the other Friday night or really in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I put little airplanes on the edge. That was the first strip quilt I have ever done!!!! So excited because I would like to make more. This may be my go to quick blanket! I will show you one but hope to show you the other tomorrow! If not Tuesday.
Then also by Tuesday night I need to finish a table runner and do a lap quilt. And help with a banquet. Wish me luck.....

Added to the other things this week. I really need to find extra time. Wrote this post thinking I would be able to post it last night. Not even made it home from work yet. Just getting to my moms and it's almost 9. Below are my finishes. Hope to show you more soon.

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