Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day or as I know it Happy Mom Day.

I have a unique situation. I have a mother and I have many MOMS. I was born to my mother. I know she loves me but I don't think she is able to show love in the way a normal mother does. She provided me the basic needs when I was younger but due to Mental Disease she was unable to complete the package of being a Mom. I coined the word MOM when I was younger as the person who took care of your needs and completed the package. They loved you endlessly whether you were their own or not.
I have many moms. I had a unique situation for those that know me well. And some still just don't understand. I had many moms take me in at a young age and tried to love me as their own(sorry if I was not always the best daughter).
The mom that most of you know of mine is Velma Booth. She is not my really mom but she has loved me now for over 22 years this month. She raised me as her own. She loved me and punished me. She helped teach me the lessons of life whether I liked it or not. I was allowed to have a real childhood here and also became a young adult here. She will forever be my mom for this. She is now getting up there in age and having some health problems. It hurts me sometimes that maybe I did not always show her the love that she deserved but I am hoping to make up for that, with hopes she can forgive me my downfalls.
The next mother is one who I met because she became my sister Nancy's mom. She worked to reunite me with my real sister. I lived with her for over a year. She was a mom like my real dad who wanted to show us the world. She was it a normal mom in southern terms, but I will always appreciate the love she showed me and the time I spent with her. I left her on bad terms, but over the years we have reunited and kindled a special friendship. Her name is Belinda Simpson. She is actually the one who got me into quilting, with the act of a gift of love!!!
Then there was Samantha Crawford. She was married into the family that my brothers took as their own. She was young, but she taught me one of the biggest lessons of my life. Proper punishment. Long story but it has to deal with a rake!!! Her little home was the place I feel like I became a true teenager in. They gave me just enough rope to realize life, but kept me tied to it like real Southern parents. We have stayed as family over all these years and our sons have become really good friends.
Then I have my mother in law. You know we have the typical MIL story, but if I ever need her she is there. I do appreciate all that she has done and she has been a good grandma to my boys.
I had a few other moms along the way. They were all there during the times I needed them. I think each put in my path to help mold me and lead me on the path that God chose. I wish I cod thank them each. But I guess I will give one last shout out to my sister Joy. She really in a lot of terms due to age difference and I being the same age almost as her son became another mother and still is. I can truly tell you that the reason I am who I am today is in a large part due to the mothering she gave me.
Happy Mothers day to all out there and thank you for being a Mom. God blessed me with two boys that I love dearly. But in time I know he will bless me with many more that I can foster into my own. I know that none of us are always the perfect moms, but if we each think about how just a little bit of extra love can change someone's life! Now it's time for me to go love on my boys before another shift of work:(. Happy Mothers Day!!!!

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