Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I had to meet a person on the next street over from the house I originally lived in when I moved to the Charleston. So I told my son lets take a detour and I will show you where I spent a lot of my time when I was younger.
For a few years I lived in Military housing on the Weapons Station in Goose Creek, SC. We moved in just a few weeks before Hurricane Hugo and my dad deployed within days of us moving in our house. We originally moved into a house on Petrel Street. It was a 2 resident kind of duplex with 5 rooms. My real family had 4 kids. But Hurricane Hugo turn our life in a whirl pretty quickly. I don't remember why but I even remember the gold looking shirt I wore that night. We did not live in that house long. Hugo Damaged it and we had to move to a house a few streets away. But out of thoughts as I am writing we probably had the best neighbors at this house. We lived next to a family of Mormons. They were very good to us just after the storm. Maybe I will write about Hugo in September. But to my dismay this house is gone. A new house in its place.
As we first road into the development a few things were the same. I showed Wade the bowling Alley that use to be our refuge and where we built a fort in the woods and played like normal kids. We then moved down to where 7 Fletcher use to be. It backed up to the woods on the edge of a ball field and there was a hill there that we slid down when it snowed the Christmas after Hugo. But this building was gone to. It was a 4 plex and we lived on the end. It was only 4 bedroom so we did not live there long.
After that we moved to Sunbird street. Right around the corner. I had the room on the 1st floor! It had its own bathroom right off of it. My friend Melinda lived the next street over and I went to girls out on that street too. The house had a fenced in back yard with a flower bed in the back off the patio. My dog Teddy Beat bit Melinda. I wonder how she is now. This house was the last place all 6 of my family members were together at. I have some really bad memories here. But that was a different time and I am who I am today because of it. It was sad to see the house gone and another one in it's place, but to know this is maybe Gods way of washing away the bad memories of the past.

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