Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Milestone Reached

Today my son got his High School letter for Band. Boy has Wade grown up. If you know my son Wade then you know that music is his life. He earned his letter for 2 years in marching band. I am so proud that my boy has found a place where he fits and excelled. I hope that Wade continues with his passion and makes sure this stays a permanent part of his life.
He plays in church on some Sundays and playing with that group I think has helped him to grow not just in music, but in his spiritual life.
Here is a table runner I made for Wades band director Jeff Caplinger. I am so excited to see what he helps Wade to accomplish in the future!
The runner was made with no pattern. Just cut up 2 fat quarters and made some piano keys. I am really enjoying being my own creative person!!

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