Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waylon's Quilt, I hope!!!

     When I started to make my second quilt my son asked me to make him a camo one also.  So I started just a basic block quilt.  I did not prewash and used different fabric types.  As I read more about quilting, I learned that I was wrong.  So I put all I had done in a box and put it up, to be lost on my craft shelf that is now my fabric shelf.  Waylon bothers me with each quilt to finish his.  So I guess this month I will.  He doesn't want me to start a new one he wants me to finish his same old quilt. So I guess I will learn a new lesson on my new machine with his quilt.  Oh, and he decided he wants me to put Orange in it.  So now I know what the backing will be. 
     Also this month I will have 3 more quilts to finish.  Yes, that's one a week.  Two will be small.  They are for my twin nephews that I hope will not be here till June and the 4th will be for the Project Quilt Challenge.  Will find out today what that is.  Wish me luck!
     Below is a picture of my second quilt ever.  A small one that I made at church camp for a coworkers baby shower.  She wanted a camo crib set but could not afford it.  So those that know me, know I like to make dreams come true!

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