Friday, May 3, 2013

Thought I would get me time today but kids always step in the way...

     Thought I would sleep in. Wade volunteered to take Waylon to school. But that did not happen. So I am. Thought I could sew for a while, but oh no, get called to the school. Go spend an hour there in a meeting and 2 hours of my day were gone.  Since I was up most of the night I decided it had to be time for a nap.  So my May for me started,  A 2 hour nap!!!! Then to get Waylon from school and shopping for my brother.  Bike fixed and back home to clean house.  But I did not finish cleaning!!! I just had to sew!!!!!  
     While I was cleaning the scraps from my Fall Grapes quilt were on my cutting table.  And I have never made a table runner,  but a table runner came to mind.  So with no pattern I just started to sew together scraps in the same type of way as I did with the quilt.   I just connected scraps of different sizes and sewed around a few squares. When I used up the majority of the scraps, it was just the perfect size for a small table topper.  I quilted it together by using a swirly loop pattern that I saw on Leah Day's web site.  This is the first time I have ever done swirls.  I feel that at the end I finally got the hang of it!!!!  I sewed the binging on and used another stitch on my machine with swirls to add to the quilting.  It was a swirl design.  I am loving these extra stitches!!!

     Then back to the laundry!!! And even managed a ride to the river before coming home to force my son to clean his room. That is a job in itself!

I think I will give this to Amanda to match her quilt. She is redoing an old sewing table to put beside her reading chair. I think this will be the perfect topper to protect it from what she may put on top!! Hope you enjoy my Friday Finish!!!!

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  1. Way to go, using those scraps so creatively. :) I am super bad about starting to clean but detouring to my sewing machine!