Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodbye to Mrs Eva

Mrs Eva has been following along with my son Wade since middle school. Her daughter Demi has been in the same class as Wade since 6th grade. She has been a star volunteer and leader. The roll of volunteering in school has been going away over the years. Mrs Eva has been the diehard volunteer since the day I met her. Last year even after her son graduated she stayed as the president of the Band Booster club. And also was in charge of running of the football concession stand. She has given up hundreds of hours so that the love of music can go on. I wish more people could volunteer I think the world would be a better place!
I was wanting to make her a gift to thank her for all her work and was not sure what. Mrs Eva loves M&M's. On my favorite site Ozark Fabric I found a premade top. It had a M&M playing a Sax and her son Dallas does an amazing job playing the sax!! So decision was easy. I added a few strips of M&M fabric boarder and quilted it with a meandering stippling and there is!!!
I hope you enjoy it Eva!!! You deserve much more than this!!!

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