Thursday, May 2, 2013

1000 views!!!!!! Me Time May!!!

     So today I officially hit 1000 views to my blog.  Yeah!!!!  I love to write now.  Would have never thought that in High School but its such a relief sometimes to write and such a joy to share about my projects that I completed!  So I decided today since my view have moved up quickly that I will put one item up for every 1000 views I get and when I reach 5000 views I will have a giveaway!!!!
     I worked 6 out of the last 7 days and I was just worn out when I finally got in bed today so after picking up Waylon I just passed out.  And Frankie let me sleep!!!!!  I guess I can say that was my me time!  For a while now I have not had a lot of rest.  I have been going by my moms house each morning to bring her breakfast and make sure she takes her meds.  Some days I just can't leave.  Moma and I have had some wonderful discussions in the morning and I am so appreciative of them!  It has thrown me off my sleeping routine. So me time today is sleep!!!!
     I am taking part in Me Time May that my friend Marcia is doing on her blog this month.  Its where you think of yourself and do something for me everyday!  I hope that each of you reading will take part.  Join in if you have a blog and if you don't  then just take some time for yourself!  Feel free to comment daily on my blog about your "Me Time"!!!


  1. My May for Me is walking. I have been walking everyday for the last four days. Take care.

  2. Congrats on 1000 views! Lol* I am taking part in May for Me too - and hopefully finishing up some quilts in the process!