Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Today I actually slept in. Odd for me! I let Waylon play hooky from school. Today was field day and he hasn't missed much school. He went with me to help my friend Jackie clean her stuff out of my brothers house. But I think he played while he was up there more then he worked. Oh yeah, he even played the radio so much that he made the battery die. After a trip out to lunch and Browns we put the last few touches on our New boat and Frankie and Waylon headed out fishing.
That left me a few this afternoon to get into the quilting mood. I managed to cut out everything for 3 strip quilts. Cut out the stuff to make a block for a quilt along and cut and partially see a table topper.
Tomorrow is fishing day for me and then the family and friends night at Joann's in Summerville. So excited to take my first trip ever to a Joann's!!! Then maybe finish something tomorrow night!!
Below are the fish they caught!!

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